'Humpty Dumpty' - NYLON Premiere

'Humpty Dumpty,' the second single from Acid Tongue's forthcoming album 'Babies' (10/13), premiered today on NYOLON: https://nylon.com/articles/acid-tongue-humpty-dumpty-song

On the concept of the song, singer Guy Keltner says...

"Sometimes love is a rock, and sometimes love is an egg. We criticize, whine, cheat, yell and nag until we have our partner sizzling on high heat over an open flame. I think most couples have this vision of growing old side-by-side and being all things to one another. The truth is, we're all Tinder-loving, wine gurgling, lonesome, depressed animals chasing what flees. We buy the first car that fits us, run the thing into the ground, and sell it off to the nearest teenager with a learner's permit. Oh, to be young and in love!"

Babies comes out October 13 via Freakout Records. Pre-order the album on CD or vinyl HERE.